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Automated Water Tap Controlling System Using Machine Vision


Dr. Khalid Nazim Abdul Sattar,


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 91-95


Water is essential for everybody in the earth. As we know only 2.5 percent of fresh water is available on the earth and only less than 1% of water is available for drinking purpose. All the available fresh water is ground water, that acts as a reservoir that can also be tapped to various uses. This system makes use of image processing techniques and tries to minimize the wastage of water from the taps. The main focus towards the system design was to ensure that the taps should be able recognize objects placed below it and able to fill the container with desired level of water automatically. The designed system detects the object as hand or bottle, if the detected object is bottle then the water level will be indicated, the accuracy obtained for the detection of hand is 85.71% and for the bottle is 77.77%. The proposed system is to provide an automated method to conserve water efficiently.[1,5,6].


Image processing, Machine Vision, object detection, feature extraction, Hough Transform.