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Evaluation of Web Accessibility of Engineering University Websites of Pakistan through Online Tools


Irum Naz Sodhar, Hina Bhanbhro & Zaira Hassan Amur


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 85-90


Day-by-day use of internet is increased for different purposes of different domains and the evaluation of these domains plays important role in computer technology. Web accessibility is a field of usability used for worldwide for different domains. Now-a-days researchers are working on the accessibility compliances and accessibility issues. In this research work is done for the evaluation of web accessibility of four websites of highly reputed engineering universities of higher educational institutions of Pakistan. Accessibility tools are used to measure the web accessibility and success criteria measure WCAG standards. Evaluation of web accessibility by using two different online easily available tools (Wave tool and Powermapper tool) and number of errors, alerts, features, structural elements, html5 & ARIA, contrast errors, accessibility, compatibility, search, standards, usability and overall issues features were checked. From the results of Wave tool W1 website has better results and measure level id AAA and from the results of Powermapper tool W4 website has better results.


Accessibility Usability Experiments Wave tool Power mapper tool