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Theoretical Approaches to Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Integration


Fudhah AlSelami, Ibrahiem ELEmary, and Huda Alamoudi


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 78-84


This paper provides an overview of academic literature on the issue of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management integration in organizations. The main theoretical approaches to information integration are outlined furthermore, contrasting perspectives on the co-dependency of BI and KM within the information integration framework are presented. The paper gives an overview of frameworks and models that address the issues of data transfer, BI and KM integration, and information integrity. Key processes applied to BI and KM for the purpose of extracting relevant business information are also described. The article compares and analyzes the key differences between the BI and KM perspectives, and outlines how organizations can leverage each perspective and the synergy effects between them to achieve superior efficiency. Lastly, it outlines the benefits that organizations receive from BI and KM integration, as well as the critical success factors required for its effective implementation.


Business Intelligence Knowledge Management Information integration information systems Data Governance