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Dynamic Heterogeneous Crowd Behaviour Detection Framework for Evacuation Plan during Emergency Situation


Nasser Nammas Albaqami, Khalid Hamid Salman Allehaibi, Ahmad Hoirul Basori


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 61-68


The crowd of people consist of various vital information that portrayed through their behaviour inside the group. Usually, the group of people mixed male and female, elderly, kids, adult and even baby. Its made the group is heterogeneous in term of agent composition. Studying the crowd is very important to make a plan and come up with proper action immediately. This research proposed a new frameworkthat combines emotion, aggression and response of the crowd. Afterwards,density-based counting which able to determine the estimated number of groupand determine how many evacuation routes that possibly created. The result ofexperiments shown that emotional face detection, such as smile successfullyconducted while the crowd counting still needs to be improved further. However,the overall framework depicts a great result to come up with an excellentevacuation plan. We believe the result of this research thought can bring a predictive plan for safety evacuation toward people.


Crowd, density, emotion, face detection, evacuation.