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The Revolution of 5th G Will Drive Future Innovations for the Perspectives of Internet of Things (IoT)


Imran Siddique, Muhammad Zubair Awan, Abdullah Faisal, Awais Saeed


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 37-42


Internet of Things (IoT) and its significant technologies have been interesting the attention of researchers from industry, Enterprises, Healthcare, academia and government in modern years. However, since the requirements of the IoT are relatively different from what the Internet today can offer, numerous innovative techniques have been progressively developed and integrated into IoT, which is referred to as the Future Internet of Things (FIoT). Now a day, due to swiftly growth of mobile communication services and numerous mobile communication users approximately 4.68 billion the optimization of the wireless communication system has become censorious. The fifth generation wireless system (or 5G for short) is now the next generation of wireless communication systems. It is the next major level of mobile telecommunications standards further than the current 4G. 5G moves the world beyond networks design for mobile devices along toward systems that connect different types of devices operating at high speeds (IoT).The 5G appears to be an auspicious technology in standings of high speed, low latency and ubiquitous connectivity.


IoT, 5th G, LTE, Radio Frequency, RFID, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Software-Defined Radio (SDR).