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Fuzzy Logic Based On-demand Routing Protocol for Multi-hop Cellular Networks (5G)


Salwa Othmen, Somia Asklany, Wahida Mansouri


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 29-36


The Multi-hop Cellular Network (MCN) was proposed to benefit from the advantage of the single hop cellular architecture and the Ad Hoc architecture. Since, the routing is the core of communication in this new architecture, then, it is important to improve the routing protocols in order to improve the performance of the MCN. In this context, we propose a fuzzy logic routing protocol for MCN. This protocol selects an optimal route among the discovered routes based on three parameters: the residual energy of nodes, the SINR and the gain time. Thus, the network’s performance is optimized. To achieve such goal, we use a fuzzy logic system to combines the three routing metrics and to keep the synergy between them. The simulation results show that our proposed routing protocol outperforms the Ad Hoc on-demand distance vector protocol (AODV) in terms of average end-to-end delay, Normalized Routing Load (NRL) and throughput.


MCN, single hop cellular, Ad Hoc networks, routing, fuzzy logic, AODV, NRL.