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D2D Communications over κ - ? Shadowed Fading Channels


Zakir Hussain Asim ur Rehman Khan, Haider Mehdi and Syed Muhammad Atif Saleem,


Vol. 19  No. 12  pp. 1-6


In this paper, performance of device-to-device (D2D) communication system over a κ-? shadowed fading channel with spatial randomness, is analyzed. The D2D communication system is considered to be affected by various co-channel interferers in the system. The co-channel interference (CCI) is caused by the wireless devices in the system with which proper coordination is lost. The distribution for the CCI signals is assumed to be Nakagami. Expression for the probability density function (PDF) of the signal-to-interference ratio (SIR) of the D2D communication system is presented. Based on this PDF expression, effects of fading channels parameters, path-loss and interference conditions on the outage probability, success probability, outage capacity and symbol error rate (SER) are numerically analyzed.


Co-channel interference, device-to-device, κ-? shadowed fading, signal-to-interference ratio.