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Influence of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem on Economic Growth of Pakistan


Salman Bashir Memon, Sajid H. Mirani, Shoukat A. Mahar, Mahender Kumar , Mansoor A. Soomro, Zuhaibuddin


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 228-239


The study was carried out in order to understand the influence of entrepreneurship ecosystem on economic growth of Pakistan. The researcher has conducted extensive literature review and after extensive deliberation has chosen three independent variables namely, entrepreneurial talent development, entrepreneurial network development and entrepreneurial culture. The study variables were taken from the three key studies and the research instrument was also made by closely analyzing those studies. The study was based on the post-positivist empirical philosophy with deductive approach and quantitative in nature. But the research has used non-probabilistic sampling and 50 SMEs (as defined by the SMEDA) have been selected based on convenience sampling. The Pearson and Spearman correlation tests were conducted for hypotheses testing and significant relationship was found between entrepreneurial talent, entrepreneurial network development and entrepreneurial culture. Interestingly, the moderate association and significant relationship was also found between entrepreneurship ecosystem as a whole and economic growth of Pakistan. The study concluded that, improvement in entrepreneurship ecosystem can have an impact on the economic growth of Pakistan.


Entrepreneurship Ecosystem, Economic Growth, Small Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA)