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Adaptive Interface for Multi-users and Its Evaluation


Muhammad Aamir Panhwar, Salahuddin Saddar, Arslan Aftab, Kamran Ali Memon, Muhammad Owais Raza, Deng ZhongLiang, Noor-ul-Ain


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 198-201


Adaptive User Interfaces or multi-user interface are one of the biggest challenges in human-computer interaction but creating interfaces which are interactive and adapt according to user preferences is very difficult to achieve it. Here in this paper we will be discussing a simple single-page web interface that will appear to be different for different users according to their preferences we are creating interactive web page based on choices of the user which he/she made when the web page first visited. We have evaluated the results based on an experiment in which we had 13 participants. We have also shown graphical representation of our results of survey to have clear understanding of the subject’s reaction to the interface.


Adaptive Interface, Human-Computer Interaction, Multiuser interface, User Interface