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Using Blockchain to resolve Database Distribution and Security Issues in The Learning Management Systems (LMS)


Momeen Khan Tallat Naz Khalid Mahmood


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 139-150


This research paper aims to shed light on the database distribution and security issues in the learning management system. It presents the basic principles behind the practices and legislation to determine their provision and limitation for privacy and security, which are more stringent security measures to be considered by a distributed database system concerning a centralized system in the learning management system. The researcher focused on monitored passive eavesdroppers, and the private information was held by the passive eavesdroppers, whereas active attackers predicted the messages along with the corrupt data, which are monitored either by inserting new data or modifying the existing data. In this research paper, the researcher tries to identify some of the significant security issues such as authentication and authorization, data encryption, internal and external distributed database approach and validated input in the learning management systems. The researcher optimized the security barriers on distribution databases using blockchain technology, which plays one of the significant roles in The learning management systems. For the strong and higher level of security concerned in the learning management system, the researcher used blockchain technology to provide secure and consistent data in the decentralized system in the learning management systems (LMS).


LMS, blockchain technology