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Analysis of Two Public-Key Encryptions based on Lattice Problems


Jinsu Kim


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 126-131


A study on lightweight public key cryptography is one of the important task for cloud computing and IoT environment. Recently, with the advance in quantum computing, many people in various fields are preparing their information systems to be secure for quantum attacks. In this background, we propose and analyze two public-key encryption schemes based on AGCD and LWE in order to see their possibility as lightweight PKE. We apply existing attacks of AGCD and LWE more precisely and concretely. Finally, we show how to choose parameters of the schemes under the consideration of their decryption correctness and security against the proposed attacks. We expect this work would be a post stone for designing lightweight public-key cryptosystem resistant in quantum world.


Public-key Encryption, LWE, AGCD, lightweight