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An Ontological Analysis on Recursive Reusability of Comprehensive Web Service in Project Management Software


Dr. Badr Almutairi


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 120-125


As information technology projects are creeping, it is essential to manage and maintain those projects using various project management tools. Most of the project management tools are designed to cater to the requirements which are laid down by the industry, but creating the project management tool from scratch is a cumbersome job for the IT industry thus most of the IT industries are now focusing of designing web services which can be consumed by the project management companies at large based on the requirement of the project selected web services can be consumed by the enterprise requesting the project management modules. As the number of projects is creeping and the same codes are being used in different projects, the code archive must be maintained, and the software should help the stakeholders using the software development tools to keep track of the reusability of the code. So that the efficiency of the project can be improved Some of the project management services such as task scheduling and resource allocation to the project can be recursively used and data repository can help in collection of relevant data items in the pool of the web services and segregate the information based on the project name and requirement of the project there is no need to rewrite these web services from scratch. Thus, such comprehensive web services can be grouped can and can be consumed by the enterprises as and when required for their project management activity. Archiving the project web services will help the project managers and the team members to run the web services live and will help the developers to contribute to development only on the required web service development environments.


PMS WSDL Web Services SOAP Project management and scheduling project portfolio.