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Enhancing Digital Mammogram Images using Bandpass Filters in Frequency Domain


Hussain AlSalman


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 107-113


In the acquisition process of digital mammogram images, several factors may affect them to be noisy or low contrast. Image filtering of digital mammograms is an important enhancement process for computerized and visual diagnosis. There a set of Bandpass frequency domain filters are more suitable to enhance edges and reducing the noise at the same time. It involves converting the digital images into frequency domains using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) then, applying a band pass filter on the image in the frequency domain after that, transforming the result back into the spatial domain. In this paper, the effect of filtering process on mammogram images using a band pass filter is studied and investigated. The experimental results are obtained by applying a Butterworth band pass filter on a set of mammogram breast images taken from mini-Mammogram Image Analysis Society (MIAS) database. This work gives great experience to understand the effect of band pass filtering technique for enhancing the mammogram images through a number of image quality metrics and their respective results.


Mammogram image filtering, Bandpass filters, Frequency domain, Ideal filter, Gaussian filter, Butterworth filter.