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The Impact of Logistics Performance on International Seaborne Trade


Tahar Ammar Jouili and Ferid Mabrouk khemissi


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 68-73


This paper explores the impact of logistics performance on international seaborne trade. The analysis draws on Tunisia’s overall logistics performance and its six sub-dimensions. The main objective of this paper is to inventory the logistical obstacles that impede the flow of goods between Tunisia and worldwide countries. The paper will examine the evolution of the six sub-dimensions of the logistics performance and their impacts on Tunisia's seaborne trade. The empirical analysis involved a comparison, both the evolution of the logistics performance index and the seaborne trade in Tunisia. Findings show that the overall logistics performance and its six sub-dimensions are statistically significantly correlated with seaborne trade in Tunisia. The findings could help decision-makers to identify deficiencies in logistics performance and improve them to improve Tunisia's competitiveness in seaborne international trade.


Seaborne trade logistics performance logistics services Tunisia.