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Real-Time Simulation of Traffic Monitoring System in Smart City


Haneen Hassan Al-Ahmadi, Aalaa Mojahed


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 41-47


Traffic monitoring process has become the essential element in the smart with a combined power stream of cars, including cars and bicycles. A visitor’s stream changes in daylight, thus the adoption of this Traffic monitoring system to get a flexible charge of the traffic lighting time is quite crucial. Internet of Things is implemented almost in every field of life, which is an extension of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). A smart city is a new concept, and it is implemented through smart nodes in the real world like smart parking, healthcare centers, smart transport, and banking. In this paper, we have proposed an intelligent traffic monitoring system using a wireless sensor network for the smart city. Our system has various nodes in the whole city, including roads, objects, and traffic signals, and each node is connected, and each node is sharing the data of the vehicle, traffic rate. When a vehicle enters the smart city, initially, vehicles are verified through the registration system, whereas all the vehicles and persons must be registered. Whereas when the new vehicle enters the city, it notifies the sensors and gives information about the new vehicle. They are also providing the facility of the shortest and traffic-free path in terms of distance and time.


cup carbon XBee sensor microcontroller smart city internet of things intelligent traffic monitoring system.