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An ICT Integration in Higher Education Institutes of Pakistan: A Critical Literature Review


Shahmurad Chandio, Nazish Nawaz Hussaini, Altaf HussainAbro, Zulifqar Ali Solangi, Aftab Ahmed Chandio


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 17-20


This is the era of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), because ICT have a lucid impact on every sector of life. Interestingly, ICT practices has become the backbone in providing the quality of education. Therefore, ICT is used as a key to success and has become indispensable part of the education sector from primary education to Higher Education. ICT helps students as well as teachers to augment their knowledge, skills, as well as learning. Education being the main pillar of society needs modern approaches to enhance the scope impact of education. Hence, ICT is best tool for this. Even ICT has become inevitable tool in every sector. Thus, developed world and developing nations are also adopting ICT. This paper has reviewed ICT related literature including different plans and projects by government of Pakistan and its autonomous bodies. Meanwhile, to compare the real situation, it also considered the papers published in world recognized journals as well reports and surveys by United Nation’s subsidiary bodies like UNESCO and World Bank. The reading of relevant literature resulted in four factors to be highlighted in this review paper. The factors to be highlighted consist of ICT importance, infrastructure, challenges to its successful use and suggestions to improve the usage. All these factors are drawn from previous literature and discussed comprehensively in comparison with findings. Finally, the current findings and expected targets for ICT in education are discussed with specific recommendation based on literature evaluation.


ICT Integration, Higher Education, Literature Review, Pakistan