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Big Tourism Data Analytic Enthalpy in Saudi Arabia


Nasser Nammas Albogami, Khalid Allehaibi, and Arif Bramantoro


Vol. 19  No. 11  pp. 8-16


Saudi Arabia has been a country of superior religious tourism in many decades due to the existence multi religious sites, especially Islamic holy sites. Big data has become a key component in Saudi Arabia Tourism industry. Thus, a big data based comprehensive approach is critical to overcome the issues of tourism metrics. In this paper, big data enthalpy, a novel approach in atomizing big data from tourism industry, is proposed to handle big data through a single metric which enables the smooth analysis amongst tourism stakeholders in Saudi Arabia through several experimentation trials. Big data enthalpy is broken down into procedure concentration, analysis softening, operation enhancement, data escalation, data dedifferentiation, and information exposure. Finally, the approach is semantically and syntactically assessed to meet several established aims in Saudi Arabia tourism industry.


Big data analytic, Data Enthalpy, Tourism Industry