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Factors Effecting Work-Family Balance and its Impact on Job Satisfaction in Collectivist Societies of Pakistan


Sajid H. Mirani, Mansoor A.Soomro, Nazar H. Phulpoto, Farhan A. Soomro, M.Akbar Abasi, Zuhaibuddin


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 180-188


Research was done in many parts of the world, also conducted in Pakistan to see the relationship between some independent variables on job satisfaction and to analyze what are the responses by the population by such stress derivers. As the concept of work-family conflict varies from culture to culture also observed in Pakistani collectivist society where people are recognizing with family’s identity and caste. N=235 sample was chosen from different cities of Sindh, data was gather from Karachi, Hyderbad Sukkur and Larkana and few self-employed. research was concluded in such a way that people gave more preference to fulfill the family responsibilities and family work balance has large influence over job satisfaction of the employees. Role of leisure time plays as important role as financial power because of fulfilling family responsibilities at home. Home life plays as important role as work life. Entertainment and other extracurricular activities can increase the level of job satisfaction and should be implemented in organizations.


work family balance, job satisfaction