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Knowledge Mapping for Research Papers


Hafiz Muhammad Faisal, Zahida Shaheen, Atta-ur-Rahman, Gohar Zaman, Anas Alghamdi, Nawaf Abdulrhman Alowain


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 158-164


One the most well-known technique for recognizing knowledge in organization is knowledge mapping. It can help decision maker with bettering grasp the knowledge flow inside the organization. Mapping organization knowledge particularly, especially in research development institute, has gained much attraction from senior management in recent year. Data mining, among the most fundamental parts of research institution, have an important part in scientific advances. Due to this important part, various data operations take place with data mining. Data mining operation include database segmentation, predictive modeling and link analysis in data mining information structures. Proposed new strategy for drawing knowledge map, based on data mining information structure logs. Our proposed framework contains five phases including data gathering and develop data warehouse, data preprocessing and transformation, applying knowledge mapping algorithm for extracting input information data for mapping, drawing data map finally analyzing the results. Knowledge map developed utilizing strategies from content mining and essential calculations from complex systems are utilized to recognize the most efficient knowledge. Subsequently, the strategy can be effortlessly executed from an innovation point of view.


Knowledge Mapping, Knowledge Representation, Information Extraction, Semantic Network, Corpus