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Hierarchical Graph-Logical Models of Multiprocessor Systems Based on Grouping of Their Components


Alexei M. Romankevich, Kostiantyn V. Morozov, Vitaliy A. Romankevich


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 138-143


Work is focused on creation of GL-models of hierarchical fault-tolerant multiple processor systems which serve for calculation of parameters of reliability by carrying out statistical experiments with models. In a hierarchical system, subsystems can contain not only subsystems of lower levels, but also processors themselves. Often these processors cannot replace failed subsystems. Besides, the possibility of any mutual replacement both among subsystems, and among processors not always takes place. It is proposed to divide both processors and subsystems into groups (in which mutual replacement is possible), for each of which to build a separate model in order to create a general GL-model of the system. After that, on each hierarchy level, models integrate by means of auxiliary models of a view K(0, L) where L - number of groups and, respectively, models.


GL-models, hierarchical fault-tolerant multiple processor systems, calculation of parameters of reliability