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Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Real-Time Object-Oriented Database System


Zied Ellouze, Nada Louati, Mossaad Ben Ayed, Rafik Bouaziz and Shaya Abdullah Alshaya


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 125-137


Recent works on Real-Time (RT) databases are focused on simulations. These studies present shortcomings not only in verification but also in comparison with existing core techniques used for the management of RT databases. Besides, RT database applications are challenged by the lack of an RT database system open source to perform a realistic environment. In this paper, a design based on a open-source object-oriented environment database system is proposed for the RT database application development. The proposed system is based on the RTQL (Real-Time Query Language) which is defined as a high-level RT object-oriented query language. It supports the expression of timing constraints on data and it ensures transactions upon the data. Then, a QoS management approach is performed to reduce workloads and to detect overload. The proposed attempt is supported by the use of the feedback control RT scheduling theory. Our evaluation shows that our approach not only achieves the desired timeliness of transactions but also maintains high data freshness compared with other related approaches.


Real-Time Database, Object-Oriented Database, Feedback Control, Data Model, Real-Time Query Language