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Use of Biometrics in Mobile Banking Security: Case Study of Croatian Banks


Ammar Avdi?


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 83-89


With the day-to-day advancement of digital technologies, it is becoming easier to integrate mobile phones into business processes. One of the first organizations to understand the benefits of using mobile phones as a device in business are financial institutions. With the development of technology, financial institutions, especially banks, use mobile applications as a direct way of communicating with customers, speeding up the process and generating savings in their businesses. But with the development of technology, there is also the question of whether the security of mobile applications follows the development of technology. In this paper, a brief overview of the impact of biometrics on modern business will be given, with emphasis on mobile technology. A survey at EU Member State will be presented to see if banks use advanced authentication methods using biometric user identifiers, and conclusions will be drawn on the results of research and use of biometric authentication methods in mobile banking.


mobile biometrics fingerprint mobile banking financial institutions