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Developing Listening Skills in English Through Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Practices


Sadia Naz, Shumaila Aijaz Memon, Insaf Ali Siming


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 74-77


The study aims at focusing listening skills using Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) techniques. The main objective of the study was to investigate how far effective is the study of CALL methodology in terms of enhancing students’ listening skills at undergraduate’s level at Pakistan. In this view, an experimental method has been chosen during teaching in which listening test were administered. The research design contain a questionnaire for both control and experimental groups. Sample has been chosen by adopting random sampling procedure. As the respondents were divided into two groups like, Experimental group (EG) and Control group (CG). Eighty respondents from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University has been taken as a sample for this study. Both the groups has treated differently in a way that Control Group has been treated in a traditional way. Whereas, the Experimental Group has given a special treatment by using Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for the period of one month. Data collected analyzed by using SPSS version 20 and the test applied was Independent sample test. The findings of analysis reveal that the group which has been given special treatment through CALL period of one month has better results as compare to the group which were given traditional treatment.


Computer Assisted Language Learning, Experimental Group, Control Group