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Methods of Mathematical Modelling for Signal Distortion Diagnostics in the Information Channels


Ahmad AbdulQadir AlRababah


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 56-65


The development of new mathematical modeling methods as applied to information channels is dictated by the need to diagnose signal distortions and correct them in order to increase information reliability. The main diagnostic problem is associated with the development of methods for detecting distortions and evaluating their parameters, which is impossible without first constructing a mathematical model of the information signal. The classical approach to diagnostics consists in analyzing the information signal on the receiving side and determining the frequency of occurrence of erroneous symbols and the modulation error coefficient. However, these parameters give an idea only about the degree of deterioration of the signal quality, but not about the possible reasons for its decrease, moreover, a long observation time is necessary to obtain a reliable estimate, i.e. deterioration in the quality of the information signal is recorded with a long delay. The scientific value of the research is a generalized mathematical model of the information signal encoded by the method of orthogonal frequency separation of quadrature amplitude modulated signal features is proposed and investigated.


mathematical modeling, information channels, signal distortions, information reliability, degree of deterioration, signal quality.