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An Investigation on the Advantages and Limitations of the Current Mobile Applications for Hajj Services


Altyeb Altaher and Omar Mohammed Barukab


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 51-55


Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam a Muslim should perform Hajj at least once per life if he has the capability. Millions of Muslims head to Makkah each year to perform this pillar. The advances in the information and communication technologies coupled with the ubiquitous utilization of smartphones lead to an increase demand for mobile applications that assist the pilgrims in performing different activities smoothly. This research reviews the current mobile applications (apps) for hajj and presents taxonomy of the available apps and their services in helping pilgrims to perform their hajj activities in an effective manner. The research also presents a framework consisting of four categories for evaluating hajj apps namely, provided services, the maps, supported languages, and installation rate. In addition, the research presents a set of criteria within each category. The findings of this research present also the advantages and limitations of utilizing mobile apps for the driven hajj services.


Hajj services, Mobile apps, Mobile services.