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An Automated Web-Based System for Follow up on the Scholarships of Faculty Members: A Case Study Based on Shaqra University


Adil Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud and Asim Seedahmed Ali Osman


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 37-42


An automated system to follow up the scholarships of faculty members is proposed in this paper. This framework provides a simple interface for the college coordinators to apply for scholarships in language, master and PhD training. They can fill the information of faculty members who are working in their respective colleges. The proposed system helps the coordinators to manage the file of applicant and then he can follow it. This system can also be used by post graduate college and their higher management to follow the requests of scholarships and also it can generate reports based on the application. The proposed framework depends on many criteria’s which can be used by the management for evaluating the requests to decide on accept/ reject the respective request. It can increase the productivity and also reduces the time and effort to review the file of the applicant. This paper describes the overall feature of the proposed framework, ideas about the various phases of development and the effect of the system on its work follow is also explained.


Information System, Scholarships Management, Web-Based System, Shaqra University, Higher Education.