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Technology Enhanced Learning: A Digital Timeline Learning System for Higher Educational Institutes


Zaffar Ahmed Shaikh, Aamir Iqbal Umrani, Awais Khan Jumani, Asif Ali Laghari


Vol. 19  No. 10  pp. 1-5


Now a day’s technology is increasing gradually, and education is part of technology, so, everyone wants to learn visualization. Some institutes use projector-based learning and the other institutes adopt ICTs in education, that’s also a good thing for learning and teaching. Actually, e-learning comes from using ICT to enlarge educational prospective. Creative visualization is a great way to see a possible future and move towards it. There are a lot of educational e-learning software or tools available, but no institutes follow these Digital Timeline Learning tools, because students are using smart handheld devices for getting knowledge. Some of the students are using such kind of devices in classrooms but still, there is no kind of tool to teach students in a digital way where all students can discuss collaboratively lecture and share their opinions or comments. This paper presents a model for Digital Timeline Learning. Education with the help of the system upper-level students can take more interest in classrooms. For the evolution of learning methodology, it gives more excellence in this digital era.


Digital learning, digital learning system, smartphones, technology, technology-enhanced learning.