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An Electric Vehicles Smart Charging Based on Distributed Multi-Agent System


Mohammed-Hicham ZAGGAF, Mohamed MESTARI, Abdelhadi RAIHANI, Mohamed Qbadou


Vol. 19  No. 6  pp. 141-148


Due to the predictable increase in the fossil fuels price, proper to their rarefaction, electric mobility is one of mobility alternatives that actually attracting a huge interest. This innovative technology requires an intelligent control of electric charging stations since the vital issue in this technology is the recharging of EVs (Electric Vehicles) batteries. On the other hand, growth of EVs will have a significant impact on the power grid due to the increase in electric energy consumption. Therefore, it is crucial to operate smart and optimized EVs charging. This latter should be optimized for grid load while guaranteeing that trips requirements and vehicle owners’ schedules are met. In this paper we propose a multi-agent based system which aims to provide an optimal set of available charging station for each vehicle in reply to the drivers’ request. First, we propose a mathematical formulation of the problem before solving it using improved A* algorithm which forms a backbone of vehicle navigation systems. The Multi-agent-based system is built around a hierarchical and distributed architecture of subsystems represented by agents. These agents interact between them for performing a mission according to a distributed-coordination approach.


Electric vehicle, smart grid, multi-agent system, heuristic, distributed-coordination approach, charging station.