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How to address Impediments in Scrum?


Wajiha Naim, Sumaira Hussain, Basit Hassan, Syed Asif Ali, Priha Bhatti,Syeda Nazia Ashraf


Vol. 19  No. 6  pp. 130-134


All software development methodologies encourage communication among team members and teams are motivated to have frequent meetings to share ideas, problems and solutions. Agile manifesto revolves around people and interactions and other manifesto items, so the creators who while jotting down the agile principles envisioned the concept of delivering value to customer through short deliveries. Within this time-boxed activity of short feedback cycle lays a thought of The Daily Stand-up Meeting (TDSM). TDSM is a short meeting of team members, of about 15 minutes of length in which one of the questions is what obstacles are impeding progress of team. The answer is not the matter of concern in TDSM. This paper focuses on the areas being covered within ‘impediments in agile and their possible solutions’


Issues, Blocker, Beyond Control, sidebar Meetings, TDSM, Obstacle, Barrier, Work Slowdown