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Probability Mapping of Encryption Algorithm


Issam Trrad


Vol. 19  No. 6  pp. 123-129


Resource sharing on data communication network raises the importance of data security algorithms. Plenty of encryption algorithms are developed to ensure confidentiality of user data. This paper investigates the effect of statistical distribution of the keys and plain text on the security of the ciphered output. The developed algorithm utilizes diffusive encryption key blocks in hierarchical arrangement. This arrangement provides a variable encryption key statistical structure and confusion levels. The encryption key length and key generation functions provide different security levels whereas the hierarchical arrangement provides levels of confusion. However, the proposed algorithm maintains the parallelism of the encryption and decryption process. The effect of the encryption keys statistical distribution in consequence to the substitution box function on the breakability of the algorithm is experimentally verified. The results showed that the statistical distribution of the encryption keys could be selected according to the substitution box function to increase the robustness of the encryption against attack.


DES, x-OR probability, binomial probability, encryption, decryption, keys.