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Controllable Growth of Hexagonal BN Monolayer Sheets on Cu Foil by LPCVD


Abdul Majid Soomro, Waseem Ahmed Bhutto, Altaf H. Nizamani, Hussain Saleem, Muhammad Yousuf Soomro, Murad Ali Khaskheli, Nek Muhammad Shaikh


Vol. 19  No. 6  pp. 85-90


Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) has 2-dimensional honey comb structure similar to graphene and it is a wide band-gap material. Although, h-BN sheets has been achieved on various metal substrates. Here, we demonstrate the growth of h-BN monolayer sheets on Cu foil by low pressure CVD method. Two heating zones were used to control the precursor generation and main reaction, respectively. Wafer-scale h-BN monolayer film was synthesized uniformly on Cu foil. The monolayer thickness is determined to be about 0.46 nm and the optical band-gap is ~ 6.0 eV. Extended applications of h-BN layer in conjunction with graphene could now be available for electronic devices.


Chemical Vapor Deposition method (CVD), Copper Foil, Hexagonal Boron Nitride (h-BN), Monolayer Sheets, Selected Area Electron Diffraction (SAED)