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Condition Monitoring and Automation of Building Loads Supplied by a Microgrid with IoT


Atiqur Rahman, Fawaz Aljahdali, Muhammad Shoaib Siddiqui, Yazed Al Saawy, and Kaisar R. Khan


Vol. 19  No. 6  pp. 51-59


Energy delivery within a micro grid (MG) is expected to be monitored and controlled diligently. It is the integral part of a MG operation that brings intelligence to the grid, if done smartly. In this paper, smart condition monitoring and efficient control of a campus building connected to a MG have been illustrated. In the current set up, combined heat and power generator, along with other renewable energy sources, are supplying power to the building’s rotatory and lighting loads. With automation and IoT enabled technologies, MG’s generation, as well as, load dissipation can be monitored remotely to take proper control decision. Even though distributed control system (DCS) are executing control actions locally, the IoT-enabled building loads can be monitored or controlled remotely. Results show that the condition monitoring based control enhances the efficiency and reliability of electric power delivery.


Micro-grid internet of thing sustainability, condition monitoring, automation.