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Code Refactoring and its Impact on Internal and External Software Quality: An Experimental Study


Mohammed Alawairdhi


Vol. 19  No. 6  pp. 12-17


Over a significant period of time, code refactoring has evoved as an approach to improve effectiveness of legacy systems. Using refactoring, we can improve the internal structure of application without having to necessarily modify external behavior. This helps in improving quality of systems in terms of its reusability, scalability, understandability and flexibility etc. In this paper, the code of three components of an existing application under operation Saudi Electronic University has been refactored using seven refactoring techniques. The refactored components have been evaluated for selected internal and external quality measures. The results show a profound improvement in the internal quality of refactored components whereas the improvement in external quality measures has been found to be modest. An analysis of results has been made at the conclusion of the study.


Refactoring Software Quality Efficiency Reusability Software Systems, Legacy Systems Maintainability