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Algorithms and Techniques for Computation Offloading in Edge Enabled Cloud of Things (ECoT)?A Primer


Aliza Jamal, Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui, Adnan A. Siddiqui, Nadeem Mahmood, Muhammad Saeed, Syed Asim Ali


Vol. 19  No. 6  pp. 1-11


Recent Cloud of Things (CoT) applications entail continual transmission of data from the things to the Cloud, which is unable to provide desirable QoS for delay sensitive IoT applications. The uncertain variations in communication delay from the Things to the Cloud become a high-risk factor for these applications. To provide satisfactory computation performance as well as to achieve energy efficient resource allocation/optimal workload allocation in mixed edge-cloud environment for IoT, offloading is an attractive technology that offloads some parts of applications to edge or cloud server to save time and energy for IoT with constrained resources. This paper presents the advanced techniques, strategies, schemes and algorithms used for computational offloading in Edge enabled Cloud of Things named as ECoT. The paper also introduces three typical edge computing technologies, termed as fog computing, cloudlets and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC). After comparing their architecture, principles, applications and standardization efforts, fog is selected as a promising middleware technology for CoT for further algorithm analysis. Furthermore, open research challenges, related issues and future directions of offloading in ECoT paradigm is discussed in detail.


Cloud of things, Edge computing, Computation offloading