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Wavelet Analysis for precipitation attributes


Saqib Ur Rehman, Bilal Ahmed Usmani, Kamran Khan, Abdul Jamil Khan, Mustafain Ali, Absar Ahmed and Sara Ali


Vol. 19  No. 4  pp. 279-283


The wavelet analysis is used for precipitation time series of Southwestern Australia to identify the several time scales attributes of winter precipitation during 1951-2013. Significant findings reveal that the periodic oscillation of precipitation variability and the suggested break point scattered changes at multi time scales along the data are explored. Findings for important periods, the pattern of precipitation variability in the future has also been investigated. The significant findings reveal that there are fixed periodicity of 6―10 years and 3―5 years for the winter time precipitation variability. The variability pattern of the winter precipitation is in consistent with that of the seasonal and inter seasonal precipitation and both of them have the important time segments of 2 years and 10 years. Our calculations suggest that in the actual period of 1 year that the precipitation quantity will be comparatively low, which lies in 1998 and abundant during 2000―2010 in the Southwestern Australia.


Wavelet transformation, rainfall variability, Southwestern Australia, hydrology, cyclic pattern.