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Enhancing Security of Transmitted Data by Improved Steganography Method


Abdullah M Basahel, Mohammad Yamin, Adnan Ahmed Abi Sen


Vol. 19  No. 4  pp. 239-244


The great developments in the world of communications and the advancement of the associated technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) with web-based and mobile applications, have changed our way of life. This has created a kind of linkage between virtual and real worlds, rendering applications and services to be ubiquitous. We are also witnessing a phenomenon in which the electronic devices that connect to the Internet and are widespread making use of technology and providing a better level of service to users. However, sending and receiving information over the Internet generates many issues and problems. The most serious of them is the security and protection of transmitted information. This issue has become one of the most important things which is a matter of concern to researchers as well as the users themselves. Ensuring privacy and security of the transmitted data is a matter of urgency and cannot be neglected while dealing with the transmission of data using the services and tools in the IoT. In this article, we provide an improved algorithm to increase the protection level of transmitted information by means of cryptographic encryption so that this information cannot be seen by others or disclosed to anybody. This algorithm has been evolved as an application that works on mobile phones so that any user can benefit from it when exchanging sensitive and confidential information such as account numbers and passwords with other users.


Steganography, DES, LSB, Security, Privacy