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A review of threats, protocols, and solutions to enhance the security of wireless networks


Somya Khidir Mohmmed Ataelmanan, Mostafa Ahmed Hassan Ali


Vol. 19  No. 4  pp. 108-115


Governments seek to harness the potential of ICT to support development, trade and the economy. Sufficient legal review of the texts adopted, whether in the European Union, the United States of America or elsewhere, to codify their focus on supporting confidence in ICTs in order to promote e-commerce and economic exchanges. The governments achieve high productivity and performance for customers through wireless networks. Wireless networks offer many advantages for long-distance, flexible and flexible communications. Although there are many new security threats that have been compounded by the increased use of wireless networks and the result of these threats and security risks To transfer information. In this paper, we talk about major security attacks and threats in current transmission applications such as wireless secret data, intercept, and MAC address spoofing, and DOS, the man in the center and network injections. We also review the work and studies on the subject being discussed with regard to problems and security solutions. Finally, we conclude the main hot topics that will be investigated in future studies.