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The impact of morning shows and celebrity endorsement on the brands image using Multiple Correspondence Analysis


Dr Junaid Sageer Siddiqu, Dr Bushra Shamshad, Zara Omar


Vol. 19  No. 4  pp. 102-107


Now a days brands are having a heavy impact on the consumer and it causes a huge change in the purchase of products in the market. The impact of clothing and fashion brands can been seen in through the social media and in the peoples life. The celebrities and fashion brand ambassadors are making the images of the fashion and different clothing styles in the market. The thought behind this research is to explore the impact of morning shows on the clothing and fashion brands of the viewers. The purposes of the present study is (1) to find a linkage between morning show viewers having impact of brand endorsement (2) to empirically test the impact theory by examining the effect of the morning shows and brands image. Data is collected using an online survey, of the viewers of morning shows, the sample of 250 observation is used to test the factors. Correspondence analysis is an exploratory data analysis technique for the graphical display of contingency tables and multivariate categorical data. It is a useful method to find the association among bivariate and multivariate multidimensional variables. Results of the correspondence analysis shows that the morning shows have a positive and strong impact on the brand image and purchase of the fashion products. As predicted, brand endorsement is positively associated with morning shows and celebrity images.


Correspondence analysis, Cronbach Alpha, VAF, Correspondence plots, brand endorsement, morning show, fashion brands, brand ambassador.