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Assurance Quality and Efficiency in Corporate Information Systems


Ahmad AbdulQadir AlRababah


Vol. 19  No. 4  pp. 87-95


The activity of any modern corporation is based on information technologies, where the main processed products are information. The analysis of corporate information systems is conducted from the point of view of ensuring their survivability. Therefore, one of the most important properties that CIS should possess is its survivability. CIS, which has the property of survivability, in the event of abnormal situations allows using the necessary elements to protect its functioning and ensure the stable operation of the corporation in additional to achieve the quality of their results and their ability to compete. The tasks of the survivability system for various provisions of the corporate information system are considered. The basic structure of the system for ensuring the survivability of the corporate information system is proposed. In this paper, we describe the main ways of giving information system survivability properties and provide a general description of the system designed for this.


corporate information system, survivability system, corporation, survivability, survivability methods, survivability system structure, hardware, software, information support, information protection.