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Iris Tracking Based on Fuzzy?Ripplet Techniques


Romany F. Mansour


Vol. 19  No. 4  pp. 65-68


In this research, a Medical Imagery Fusion multimodality technique grounded on Ripplet Transformation (RT) is employed as the source of ""local"" time series data. RT is a modern Multi-scale Geometric Analysis feature that has the capability of not only portraying image edges actually but also rebuilding two-dimensional uniqueness. Initially, discrete RT (DRT) is employed to translate the input medical images. This enables the application of unique fusion protocols to the sub-bands of the rendered images. A fused image is then extracted after the fused coefficients are combined with an inverse DRT (IDRT). Through quantitative measures such as Mutual Information, Spatial Frequency and Entropy, the performance metrics of the proposed strategy is determined. This shows that the approach as compared to the Contour let Transformation (CNT) fusion schematic performs much efficiently.


fuzzy models Contour let Transformation Ripplet Transformation Iris Tracking.