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Scaling of Color Fusion in Stitching Images


Zuhaibuddin Bhutto, Muhammad Zahid Tunio, Ayaz Hussain, Jalal Shah, Inayat Ali and Murtaza Hussain Shaikh


Vol. 19  No. 4  pp. 61-64


In this modern and information age, more than 80% of information accessed by human beings by viewing and observations of realities. Since now, everyone around the globe is going to be more and more familiar that video or images are two enormously important carriers of information which is obtained by people. Therefore, to get and process video or image becomes very important. Particularly, with the fast development of IT, Science & Technology: digital image processing, image correction, image fusion, and image stitching got high attention. This study heavily relies on Image Stitching of two images. Image stitching is the method of stitching multiple images to develop an image of high resolution which creates a visually probable mixture alike as the joint enclosed by the stitched images should be hidden. It requires nearly exact overlaps within images and identical exposures to process the logical results. The main object of this study is to develop a Matlab script that will stitch two images together to produce one image including the overlapping of region and plan of both images. In this context, a step called fuse has been used through which the colors of both corresponding images mixed to design a new or output image. For this, we captured different scenes from different aspects, angles, and finally selected two images as input or corresponding images. The input images have been evaluated through MATLAB code, analyzed the given task with the help of MATLAB programming, resulting stitching process completed.


Image matching image processing image fusion image stitching MATLAB.