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A New Approach for Securing Medical Images and Patient’s Information by Using A hybrid System


Jamal N. Bani Salameh


Vol. 19  No. 4  pp. 28-39


Today a huge number of medical images and patient’s information are transferred between different entities who are geographically apart to be reviewed and evaluated. Any illegal modification in this information during transmission may lead to wrong assumptions and wrong diagnosis. Therefore, the security of medical images and patient’s information has always been a concern. In this research, we developed a hybrid security system that combines cryptography and steganography techniques to provide a secure distribution for both the medical images and patient’s information over un-secured channel. For cryptography we used our encryption algorithm MJEA (for Modified Jamal Encryption Algorithm) it is a symmetric (64-bit) block encryption algorithm with (120-bit) key. For steganography we used a very simple algorithm that hides the patient’s information within the medical image by using bit-by-bit Xoring. The proposed system deals with the medical image and patient’s information as shares, the first share represents the medical image after it will be encrypted by using MJEA and the second share represents all patient’s information embedded in the medical image and encrypted by using MJEA. For more security, before transmitting the two shares we mixed them together by using a scrambling algorithm. We adopted different simulation metrics for evaluating the performance of the proposed system such as Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR), Mean Square Error (MSE) and the histogram distribution analysis. All experimental results proved the strength of the proposed system, and the receiver was able to recover back the original medical image and the patient’s information that was sent by the sender without any loss.


Medical image, Patient’s information, Data hiding, Telemedicine, Cryptography, Steganography.