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SCR: a Smart Cross Road Management System Based on IoT


Salem Nasri, Mohamed Tahar Ben Othman


Vol. 19  No. 4  pp. 1-9


In Smart cities traffic management solutions are addressing more and more problems of urban transportation. The cities expansion and the road infrastructure planning are becoming a serious challenge for governmental planner. The traffic lights control which creates green waves in most arterials is used to reduce traveling time depending on traffic flow. Nowadays, avoiding congestion, reducing traveling time and budget saving are needed with growing traffic and modern cities expansion. For planners, making adjustments to the road network organization is necessary to improve the traffic flow. All traffic light sequencing, timing, and road network objects placement, have a direct influence on traffic flow and capacity. Road network planning and organization have a direct influence on the economic consequences unforgiving real world testing. That is why it is important to find optimal solutions. In this paper we dress a study of Traffic Road Management time optimization and control using IoT solutions. We present the vision of the next generation of traffic optimization, where navigation and traffic management are made closer as a highly integrated system, shifting travel diagram in the city.


Traffic Light Automation, Road Management, IoT, Smart City.