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Analysis of Cloud Security Vulnerabilities and Countermeasures


Hyun-Min Son, Nak-Keun Joo, Hyun-Taek Choi, Hyun-Cheol Lee


Vol. 19  No. 2  pp. 200-206


In recent years, cloud computing technologies have attracted attention as they provide efficient service any time and place based on such infrastructure resources as servers, storage and networks and such distributed processing technologies as virtualization. In a cloud computing environment in which all information is concentrated, service stability and security involving users and information resources will become core technologies. This study set out to predict security threats inside a data center by accumulating, processing and analyzing the diagnosis data of security vulnerability in public agencies and corporations and propose vulnerability items as objective grounds for the importance of security vulnerability and countermeasures against security threats, thus increasing the effects of checking and dealing with security vulnerability.


Attack, Cloud Compyting, Security, Threats, Vulnerability.