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A Review on Synchronization and Concurrency Control Techniques of Distributed Databases


Sajawal ur Rehman Khan, Muhammad Sheraz Arshad Malik, Muhammad Waleed Ashraf, Ayesha Saif Ullah, Ikraam Asghar, Nafeesa Razzzaq


Vol. 19  No. 2  pp. 187-192


Use of distributed databases is greater than ever. Distributed database is an arrangement of databases that can be put away at various physical areas however intelligently inter related. As data is spread at several sites in distributed databases, it needs to be synchronized. Synchronization is important due to the fact that it allows data to be consistent. When multiple transactions are to be performed on a variable at the same time, the need for concurrency control mechanism emerges. This paper is concerned with different techniques used for the synchronization and concurrency control of distributed databases.


Distributed Database, Synchronization, Concurrency Control, Clock synchronization, Locking, Timestamp.