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Condition Monitoring and Control of a Campus Microgrid Elements


Kaisar R. Khan, Yazed Al Saawy, Atiqur Rahman, Muhammad Shoaib Siddiqui, Ali O. Eskandrany


Vol. 19  No. 2  pp. 155-162


Smart-grid concept in power system operation requires intelligent monitoring of network elements and quick response to the demand. A Microgrid (MG) that facilitate distributed generation including renewable sources can be a building block for smart grid technology if it adopts smart monitoring and intelligent control. We set up and run a campus MG with high efficiency combined heat and power (CHP) generation and renewable energy sources where load and generation management have been done remotely by implementing automation and distributed control. The loads connected to the MG are monitored by smart wireless sensors supporting internet access. A custom designed control system using distributed control system (DCS) is providing remote control and protection of MGs critical components. Multiple industry standard communication protocol (Modbus, Profibus etc.) have been used to provide control automation and monitoring. The study shows that the controlling of water flow to the CHP generator along with smart monitoring and distributed control provide energy savings. Condition monitoring of rotating load also provides early warning for preventive maintenance.


Microgrid internet of thing smart sensor, condition monitoring.