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Information Protection Method in Distributed Computer Networks Based on Routing Algorithms


Ahmad AbdulQadir AlRababah, Bandar Ali Alghamdi


Vol. 19  No. 2  pp. 66-73


The Methods of protecting information during its transmission in distributed networks under the influence of deliberate attacks is very important and required. Based on the developed application “routable service”, it allows solving the protection task without using encryption algorithms. Routing algorithms are used to determine the best path for packets from the source to the receiver and are the basis of any routing protocol. This paper describes concerning information transfer through public distributed networks under these deliberate attacks. The authors have developed ?routed service? of data transmission through the distributed networks, allowing increasing information safety. The authors have simulated network attacks to the service and have calculated estimated probabilities of attacks. As results, ?routed service? has been tested on the distributed network, network attacks on the service were modeled, and probabilities of attacks were estimated.


distributed networks, network protocols, network attacks, routed based service, traffic multiplexing, Internet.