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Developing and Qualifying Computing Programs for ABET Accreditation: A Practical Approach


Atiq Ur Rahman, Hejab M.Alfawareh, Saleh M.Altowaijri


Vol. 19  No. 2  pp. 29-45


Globalizing, cross-border education has led many countries to improve methods for better education on an international level as well as to increase the mutual recognition of collecting and analyzing education evidence by one another. The collection, processing, use and delivery of education data will be based on equivalent minimum education and technical standards, and educational service providers will work based on a common approach to implement these standards that foster closer cooperation between them and educational systems. The accreditation of educational program is a corner stone of the above-mentioned objectives. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) Criteria for Computing Accreditation Commission Programs are based upon the skills, knowledge and behavior that the students gain through the curriculum in a program. The student outcomes (SOs) are the acquired skills, knowledge and behavior which the student achieves through the curriculum. Every program needs to have its own SOs and to assess it as per defined assessment cycle, as well as to achieve program educational objectives (PEOs). The achievement of the program SOs and PEOs is veri?ed by the assessment and evaluation process. In this paper, an establishment Self-study process and a development process for continuous improvement for computing programs to achieve the accreditation is discussed. The proposed process is applicable to get the accreditation for bachelor program in computing discipline and to satisfy the ABET criteria. In result, we will show how the SOs and PEOs assessed and evaluate through curriculum accordingly.


Accreditations, Student outcome, Program educational objectives, Assessment, Evaluation, Continuous Improvement