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Software Maintenance Model through the Development Distinct Stages


Ahmad AbdulQadir Al Rababah, Ahmad A. Alzahrani


Vol. 19  No. 2  pp. 23-28


With the rapid development of software systems and the growing demand to follow the results of these systems, in the face of intense competition to provide the best outputs, it became necessary to pay attention to the maintenance phase of software systems, and work to develop them to serve their users effectively through qualified results, taking into account the saving time, effort and cost. The proposed model is concerned with how to maintain the software projects starting from the pre-testing stages of the software project[1]. The research will provide in its initial phase the maintenance method from the implementation stage, where this stage is one of the most important stages for the formation of software projects, because it occupies a high weight in building[2], developing and evaluating the requirements of the issues in various domains. This manuscript will provide a design model for the application of maintenance for software projects while saving time, effort and cost, in additional to ensure positive results with high performance and efficiency[3].


Software System