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Mathematical Modelling of Cylindrical Forming Di-block Co-polymers confined in circular annular pores


Inayatullah Soomro, Israr Ahmed, Syed Baqer Shah, Abdul Majid, Raza Muhammad, Abdul Hameed, Ghulam Abas, Andrie V. Zvelindovsky, Marco Pinna, Waqar Ahmed


Vol. 19  No. 2  pp. 16-22


Soft materials receive increasing attention in research community as promising candidates for applications in nanotechnology. These applications include separation membranes with nano-pores, templates for nano-electronics, innovative catalyst, and drug delivery particles depend on the shape, size and the surface properties of the structures. From a computational a point of view different methods have been used to study soft materials in bulk and in confinement. Cell dynamic simulation (CDS) method has proved to be one of the effective methods to study and analyse the morphological behaviour of soft materials. In this contribution, the cylindrical morphological behaviour have been investigated by confining material into the circular annular pores. The study and investigation of nano-materials have been conducted by the mathematical and computational model developed by using polar mesh system.


Block copolymers, Cell dynamic simulations (CDS), Polar coordinates, Cylindrical forming diblock copolymer system.